Enchant Your Day

Art & self-care kits for a more inspired life 

Thoughtful words, original art prints and actionable mantras to enhance or inspire a self-care routine

Inside The Kit:

  • Four 4″x4″ prints featuring scenes to let your mind wander into. What you get will be a surprise!
  • Journal page to write down any thoughts or ideas that come up during your practice
  • One photo art greeting card to write a note to your future self, or give to a friend
  • One 4″x5″ mantra card with an original illustration
  • Simple instructions for the Enchant Your Day self-care practice

Each kit is delivered in a standard-sized envelope by U.S. Mail, as often as you need.

Visual art has the power to inspire and to heal

The Enchant Your Day project began 2011 while I was grieving a loss. I found that by going on long walks, I could escape the stress, anxiety, and the walls surrounding me. These walks became a form of therapy to work through the thoughts that were keeping me awake at night. I also used photography to capture the world that unfolded before me as the “brain fog” of grief slowly lifted. Soon I was sleeping more soundly, and I began to notice the beauty in this world once again.

This is what Enchant Your Day is all about. It’s a call to pause and observe the beauty in each day, to enjoy the little things that inspire you. It’s a reminder to breathe. It’s a practice of feeling gratitude for what you have when times are good, but also when you’re struggling.

Included with the art in this kit is a short but impactful practice to enchant your day, using the art and words to help bring your mind into a calmer state. This could be a creative piece to add to your self-care routine or ritual for feeling more grounded, relaxed and inspired.

Who am I?

My name is Catherine, and I’m a photographic artist and designer from Cleveland, Ohio.

I truly feel that art and nature can be catalysts for healing and resilience, and in this time of a global pandemic, with so much uncertainty and confusion, I realized it was time to launch this project.

My goal for this was always to create something uplifting for others. Unsure how to ride the waves of this extended time at home, I suddenly remembered the book of stamps in my kitchen drawer, the stack of photo art greeting cards meant for a now canceled art show, the large collection of photographic prints captured on my healing walks. These can still be shared! I hope you will find some comfort and magic in these kits as you learn to navigate a new and unfamiliar world.

Art to Lift Your Spirits, Brighten Your Spaces, and Calm Your Mind

Many of the prints I’m adding to the kits are photos captured on my walks and little escapes to maintain a healthy self-care routine. Each image is printed on 4″x4″ archival-quality photographic matte paper, making it easy to frame these under glass. The three prints included in your kit are curated in the moment as I am putting them together for you, so what you receive will be a surprise!

There are countless photographs that hold the Enchant Your Day vibe, so I will release them in series. If you would like to collect an entire series, you can purchase multiple kits at a discount and one will be sent to you either all at once, or a week at a time so you have something to look forward to! This is a great opportunity to start or grow your art collection. Though they may be small, the aura of these prints is impactful and would fit beautifully into many spaces in your home.


Kits are delivered in a standard-sized envelope by U.S. Mail directly to your mailbox, as often as you need. This keeps costs low, enabling us to share more art and magic with more people.

Buy One, Give One

For every kit you purchase, you have the option to donate a second kit (for a small fee) to a friend, family member, or someone you feel deserves a little magic in their life – maybe a nurse, doctor, grocery store worker, delivery person, or anyone else working hard to take care of more than just their family right now.

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